Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Purple America - An Interesting Organization With a New Leader

Press release:  "John Wilson has been named chairman of Purple America, an initiative to shift the American conversation to a more civil dialog through a deeper understanding of a set of values widely shared across America that form our nation’s common ground."

“Our nation has a critical need for a meaningful and civil discussion about America’s future built around the values that have shaped our history and our character,” says Wilson. “As our nation struggles to correct its course, I look forward to engaging Americans from all walks of life in this dialog, including the teachers who build our nation every day by touching the hearts and minds of our young people.” 

More useful information from the Purple America web site worth passing on:

Whether you are a teacher, a business leader or other communicator, or whether you consider yourself just an "average" American, you can be the change you want to see. Here's how:
1) Take the Purple America Pledge. It's your commitment to create win-win relationships by seeking common ground and conversation over conflict. 
2) Pass it on. Ask your family, friends, religious, political and other leaders to acknowledge that Americans are more alike than we are different by taking the Pledge and committing to respect the values that unite us. 
3) Take a stand. Advocate for conflict resolution through civility and common ground.  Use your voice, your pen, your vote,  your position and your purchase power to hold leaders accountable for creating progress and harmony or gridlock and acrimony. 
4) Honor a teacher, friend, colleague or leader. Celebrate someone who demonstrates a commitment to resolving conflict instead of inflaming it, or who inspires you through their devotion to sharing or cultivating the values of  EqualityFaithFamilyFreedomLove and RespectSelf-Expression,Doing the Right ThingCommunityGiving Backthe Good LifeOpportunity and Success. 
5) Explore this website for more information on the values that connect us, and get involved.

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